8-Bit Awesomeness (part 1)

For those in the know, I have been talking about an epic Lego sculpture for sometime. Well that time has finally come. In the next day or two I am launching my kickstarter site to raise funding for the largest Lego project I have ever tackled. Level 1-1 of the classic Super Mario Brothers, entirely in Lego. If funded entirely, the project will be built to the scale of one brick per pixel and will feature over 768,000 pieces. I hope to unveil the project at PAX this year pending the approval of the guys over at Penny-Arcade. I also want to show it at Brick Con (and any other convention I can make it to next year). So if you guys want to see this thing built, please dontae to my cause once I get the site up. I have built a sample section of it for reference and to give people a visual for kickstarter. I will be posting updates here as the project moves along. Check back soon for more details.



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